Rental E-Bike Parking Bays

The borough came to an agreement with the e-bike and e-scooter operators that they would introduce geo-locating on their bikes/scooters so that they would have to parked within the designated parking areas available to complete the journey.

Until early this week all the other operators were on board, but Lime declined until the borough said that it would remove Lime bikes as rubbish if not park appropriately.

So if you see a bike that is not in the right place:

Residents are asked to contact the company directly:
E-Bikes and Scooters
If you have a problem with poorly parked bikes, these are the contact details to get them removed.
Lime bikes or
Tier bikes or

In addition, we have now the problem of the bikes and how they are parked within the designated areas i.e. if they fall over…

Sustainable Travel Team