Bike Hangar Sites Proposed

Option A: The existing hangar on Nevern Road has considerable surveillance from windows – as well as a front door to the block of flats where people will be coming and going regularly. Next to the existing hangar (Nevern Road as per photo above)

Option B: To the flank of 1-12 Kensington Mansions

Option C: First parking bay outside 17/18 Nevern Square

Option D: Pay by phone bay beside Car Club Bay flank of Nevern Mansions,
42 Warwick Road

Option E: Outside 1 Nevern Square (the best option in terms of what occupancy surveys are showing) 

Below a map of the proposed locations above:

Also a reminder of the occupancy survey data

We need feedback from residents as to where within the Conservation Area we want to have another bike hangar. Let us know: