Public Spaces Protection Order Consultation

Following  concerns raised by residents in the Earl’s Court ward regarding the overall safety of the area, the Council is proposing to implement a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). This measure is intended to address anti-social behaviors, enhance safety, and contribute to the overall improvement of the quality of life in Earl’s Court ward.

This is a replacement for the proposed S80, for which many residents supplied witness statements. There is an opportunity for residents to raise issues that are of concern.

These are proposed PSPO Restrictions: 

1. Use of illegal drugs or psychoactive substances

  • Prohibits preparing or using illegal drugs or psychoactive substances.
  • Requires immediate cessation and surrender of substances or paraphernalia.
  • Exemptions for lawful possession of psychoactive substances.

2. Littering 

  • Prohibits abandoning drug paraphernalia, bottles, cans, packets, etc., outside appropriate receptacles.

3. Street urination or defecation

  • Prohibits urinating or defecating in a place other than a serviced public convenience.

4. Consumption of alcohol in a public place

  • Prohibits consuming alcohol causing alarm, distress, or harassment.
  • Requires immediate cessation and surrender of alcohol or containers.

5. Loitering and refusing to leave an area

  • Prohibits loitering in a group causing intimidation, harassment, alarm, or distress.
  • Mandates leaving an area upon request by an authorised officer.

6. Aggressive begging

  • Prohibits aggressive begging for food, money, or other items.
  • Includes intimidation, repeated requests, or false information.

7. Bicycles and scooters

  • Prohibits riding on pavements within the protected area.
  • Allows pushing and walking alongside bikes or scooters.

Offences and Penalties

  • Offences under this Order may result in a fine not exceeding £1000.
  • Fixed penalty notices may be issued, offering the option to discharge liability with payment.