Surveys 2021

We have as an association undertaken two surveys, the first was the NSCARA Crime Survey, which provided information anonymously, and was useful in talking to the police and the Safer Neighbourhood Team about fears and highlighting particular hotspots.

The second survey was the Travel Survey trying to identify the issues that impact on residents of the NSCARA area, which is lodged between three of the busiest and most polluted roads in Kensington and Chelsea and, as a committee, we felt that this was a unique opportunity to ask residents what they felt, and importantly, what they thought would improve our area in the long-term.

We hope that you will take the time to fill this in and help make where we live a
better place to live.

This survey is being conducted in conjunction with BetterStreets4KC

We have been successful in obtaining grant funding for a bike, so if you are interested in participating in the discussion as to where this will be positioned please can you contact