Planning Applications and News

Jollibee won their planning application for their extraction and air conditioning units. The jury is still out as to whether the new plant will solve the problem of the odour and the noise and if anyone continues to have an issue, they should report immediately to

Environmental Health have written to the owners to find out when they will install the new plant. If you are experiencing problems please do report.

Importantly, the retrospective planning application for Nando’s serving hatch in Trebovir Road came to the Council’s Planning Applications Committee on 16 February. This was granted.

I have asked for a meeting with the area manager to see whether or not there could be a solution for the flank wall and for the increase in bikes.

The Mayflower Hotel in Trebovir Road is considering changes and so if you are a neighbour please can you get in touch

William Temple House, the student hostel in Trebovir Road, is looking to change its mansard roof and so if you are a neighbouring property please can you get in touch so that we have an up to date list of neighbours that should be included in the zoom meeting planned with the architect.

The planning application for the infill on 1 Nevern Square is due to be published shortly.