NSCARA Gardeners winners at Council’s Brighter Kensington and Chelsea Awards

Earl’s Court Gardeners

swept the boards at the Brighter Kensington and Chelsea Awards on Monday night, with the Nevern Square Conservation Area featuring high in the award count.

Very many congratulations and thanks to all for all the effort that our gardeners go to in making us one of the best performing wards, and to our local heroes in the Conservation Area in the borough.

Garden visible from the street
John Walker — Spear Mews
Nursing Homes
Inkerman House Nevern Road
Property/Street Management
Spear Mews

Everyone can enter, more information next year when the competition opens for 2018.

Pic: Mario Blanco and John Walker of Spear Mews, The Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea, Cllr. The Mayor, Councillor Marie-Thérèse Rossi