Idling Vehicles Petition

Idling Vehicle Campaign

Many in the Nevern Square Conservation Area air quality is a real problem, some of which is caused by cars, coaches and construction vehicles leaving their engines running, in some cases to avoid parking fines, but IDLING IS ILLEGAL!

For some parts of the borough idling cars, construction vehicles and coaches are a menace, so we are all affected either because they are double parked causing congestion or that the cars are pumping out pollution and contributing to our poor air quality. Whether this is a taxi, a tour bus, a school bus, someone rushing into a shop, collecting a child or someone avoiding a penalty notice — the message must be NO IDLING PLEASE!

Originally, when the offence of idling became the law in 1986 the focus was on preventing unnecessary noise since then the borough has applied to the Secretary of State to become a ‘designated local authority’ to enforce the updated 2002 legislation.

The problem is one of enforcement, with only two notices served

NSL Services Ltd is a private company providing the traffic wardens contract to the Council, at present without the authority to write Fixed Penalty Notices for idling vehicles or in any way stop idling.  It’s just not part of their job.   However, within their contract there is a mechanism to make changes to the services that they provide.

We would like to ask Kensington and Chelsea to authorise traffic wardens to be able to issue idling notices and to target areas where stationary idling is most likely to take place such as outside schools, hotels and transport hubs.

Signs could be erected informing drivers of the offence of keeping an engine running while stationary, as well as being bad for the environment and our health.

Schools can play an important part in the reduction of idling, some already have Traffic Marshalling Plans and this should be extended and improved.

Another area, which frustrates residents is Construction Traffic with either their engines running, sometimes with no one in the car, or with their doors open as if they are only short term parked to avoid parking tickets — but are there all day!

Update: A petition of 1500 signatures was submitted to the Council and the petition was raised in the Greater London Assembly, and got an unanimous endorsement.

Part of this is education — part enforcement but this only makes common sense